Aura Exchange

AtomX Multiplier NFTs

What are AtomX NFTs?
AtomX NFTs provide web3 users that are willing to boost their Atoms earnt in the Aura+ Rewards Program. AtomX NFTs are not free like the Aura+ Rewards Card NFT they are paid for and rewarded accordingly.
AtomX NFT holders can claim an AtomX Rank NFT matching thier purchased AtomX NFT.
Aura+ AtomX Facts
NFT Multiplier
NFT Mint Price
AtomX Ranks
Aura+ Voting rights
Aura+ Reward Card NFT
FREE just pay gas (Matic)
Aura+ Base
1 Vote
AtomX 2
$250 USD in Matic
Aura+ Cadet
2x Votes
AtomX 3
$500 USD in Matic
Aura+ Soldier
3x Votes
AtomX 5
$1,000 USD in Matic
Aura+ Sergeant
5x Votes
AtomX 10
$2,000 USD in Matic
Aura+ Commando
10x Votes
AtomX 20
$5,000 USD in Matic
Aura+ Elite Forces
20x Votes
AtomX 50
Claimable when all 5 AtomX in 1 wallet
Aura+ Galactic Force
50x Votes
  • Green AtomX are LIVE
  • Red AtomX are coming soon
  • White/Black AtomX are yet to be added (text color dependant on whether dark mode on or off)
How many Aura+ AtomX NFTs are there? There are an unlimited supply of Aura+ AtomX NFTs allowing anyone now or in the future to join the world's greatest onchain rewards program.
Are the Aura+ AtomX NFTs transferrable? No they are soulbound to the minting wallet.
Can the Aura+ AtomX NFTs be sold? No they are soulbound to the minting wallet and therefor cannot be bought or sold.
How much are the Aura+ AtomX NFTs? Pricing as per chart above, plus gas in Matic on Polygon network, usually just a few cents worth of Matic for gas.
  • AtomX NFTs are Non-Transferrable, they are token or soul bound to the purchasing wallet.
  • AtomX NFTs are eternally active, ensuring perpetual benefits within Aura+ rewards program.
  • AtomX NFTs will be on the Polygon network, offering seamless and cost efficient transactions.
  • Each wallet can hold only one of each type of AtomX NFT.
  • AtomX NFT multipliers do not add to each other; the highest level AtomX NFT in the wallet supersedes lower levels.
  • AtomX 50 can be used once per year on one Atom reward as selected by holder.