What is a PCM?

A PCM is the abbreviation for a Private Customised Marketplace.

Aura Exchange builds PCMs for our Aura Partners for FREE.

Having a marketplace of your own is a utility you can provide to your community value adding to your project and giving direction plus other exclusive benefit opportunities.

How much is a PCM? A PCM is created for FREE by the Aura devs and offered to Aura Partners.

Are there ongoing costs for a PCM paid for by an Aura Partner? Yes, it typically costs only $20 USD per month to pay for the costs of keeping the PCM live.

Are there extras or add-ons for PCMs? Yes, Aura can provide extras or add-ons for PCMs however they are not FREE.

PCM extras:

  • tokengating for exclusive features

  • token trading

  • merch store

  • raffles

  • custom URL

  • fully customised marketplace with Aura features

  • more extra coming ... stay tuned

  • Green PCM Extras are LIVE, available to add

  • Red PCM Extras are coming soon

  • White/Black PCM Extras are yet to be added (text color dependant on whether dark mode on or off)

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