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How does Cashback or Spend Rewards work?
$AURA CashBack or Spend Rewards
The Aura team initiates an amazing Cashback or Spend Rewards structure for $AURA that is spent on the Aura Exchange as outlined below.
Profit Share
A 40% portion of $AURA collected from NFT trading on Aura Exchange is shared to $AURA hodlers as a CashBack.
Member Rewards
A 20% portion of $AURA collected will be allocated to Aura Member NFT hodlers (ETH chain).
Aura Treasury, Fixed & Variable Costs
A 40% portion of $AURA collected will be allocated towards our marketing efforts and ongoing costs.
$AURA provides a 40/20/40 profit split:
  • 40% of spend funds are distributed to $AURA hodlers
  • 20% of spend funds go to Aura Member NFT hodlers
  • 40% of spend funds for Treasury, Fixed & Variable Costs
Profit Sharing Model Part B - ‘Cashback/ Spend Rewards’
Aura’s profit sharing model not only rewards holders through the tax system but also through a cashback / spend system ensuring $AURA is valued and used in the Aura ecosystem.
Q: How does the cashback work?
A: Use your $AURA on the Aura Exchange to trade NFTs and get a share in cashback. * A healthy 40% of $AURA collected through trading with $AURA is shared back to $AURA holders. * Plus 20% of $AURA collected goes back to Aura Member NFT holders (ETH chain). * Plus 40% of $AURA collected goes into Aura Treasury.
The distribution of $AURA cashback to $AURA holders is based on the percentage of $AURA held by each wallet. The more $AURA you own, the greater your share of the profit distribution.