Aura Exchange


How do referrals work?
The Aura+ ecosystem is designed to ensure a streamlined process for all takes place making it a fun and rewarding way to web3.
The Referral portion of the Aura+ Rewards Program is as simple as it gets.
How to do Referrals?
Simply share the wallet address you minted your Aura+ Rewards Card NFT with anyone who is interested in blockchain and wants to earn while they web3.
They will drop your wallet address into the 'referral' bar when they are setting up to mint their Aura+ Rewards Card NFT.
Why use the referrals?
Make sure people use your referral because you will earn 100 Atoms from each successful referral.
You will also earn more Atoms from the people who actively have your referral in on their Aura+ Rewards Card NFT as they earn Atoms completing tasks.