🌟Founders Fund

Another Aura innovation to assist growth across the entire web3 industry!

Aim: Aura provides a fund aimed solely at Founders to help assist the biggest kickback / rewards program providing a level of revenue that is paid directly to Founders of all projects who are part of the Founders Fund.

Goals: Founders Fund's goal is to provide another iteration of the β€˜Circle of Win’, giving a major push to the blockchain industry which helps all web3 enthusiasts have a better experience. Moving in a professional direction that allows web3 to be integrated into the web2 global industry. Allowing Founders to increase their revenue streams, pushing the level of utility and value for their products higher, value adding to the investment of their community.

What is the Founders Fund? Founders Fund is an opportunity for all web3 founders to share in 20% of all trading profit made on the Aura Exchange NFT multi-chain aggregator.


  • Project must partner with Aura Exchange (FREE).

  • Founder must purchase $1000 USD worth of $AURA token.

  • Founder must maintain a $1000 USD worth of $AURA token amount in the designated wallet at all times.

  • Founder must provide a wallet address to Aura holding the $1000 USD worth of $AURA token.

  • Founder must provide a contract address for the project, and can be on any chain.

  • Projects must represent themselves and Aura in a positive manner at all times as deemed appropriate.

  • Projects that fail to maintain all of the above will be automatically removed from FF.


  • Founders Fund payments are made to designated wallets, may be an airdrop to begin with then a claim function at a later date.

  • Founders Fund will begin with ETH chain and prove concept then include all chains aggregated across Aura when advised.

  • 20% of Trading Profit comes from the 1% transaction fee collected from all transactions made on Aura Exchange for buy/sell of NFTs.

  • Aura may adjust any features or requirements as deemed necessary at any time.


  • All Founders have an equal share of the 20% of trading profits on top of your creator fees.

  • An increased trading volume for founders communities = more trading larger share to YOU.

  • FF acts as a liquidity lock (eg. 1000 founders in FF = $1,000,000 $AURA not being traded).

  • Added utility to any project as Founders can spread the rewards to your community.

  • Tax Rewards for holding $AURA if above the required threshold.

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