Aura Exchange

AtomX Ranks

What are AtomX Ranks?
AtomX Rank NFTs are claimable by anyone who mints an AtomX NFT. Each higher Rank NFT has more benefits than the previous and works in with the AuraAttack! online Polygon game.
NFT Multiplier
AtomX Ranks
Aura+ Voting rights
Aura+ Reward Card NFT
Aura+ Base
1 Vote
AtomX 2
Aura+ Cadet
2x Votes
AtomX 3
Aura+ Soldier
3x Votes
AtomX 5
Aura+ Sergeant
5x Votes
AtomX 10
Aura+ Commando
10x Votes
AtomX 20
Aura+ Elite Forces
20x Votes
AtomX 50
Aura+ Galactic Force
50x Votes
  • Green AtomX Ranks and voting rights are LIVE
  • Red AtomX Ranks and voting rights are coming soon
  • White/Black AtomX Ranks and voting rights are yet to be added (text color dependant on whether dark mode on or off)
How many Aura+ AtomX Rank NFTs are there? There are an unlimited supply of Aura+ Rank NFTs allowing anyone now or in the future to join the world's greatest onchain rewards program.
Are the Aura+ AtomX Rank NFTs transferrable? No they are soulbound to the minting wallet.
Can the Aura+ AtomX Rank NFTs be sold? No they are soulbound to the minting wallet and therefor cannot be bought or sold.
How much are the Aura+ AtomX Rank NFTs? FREE when claimable if purchased corresponding AtomX, just pay for gas in Matic on Polygon network, usually just a few cents worth of Matic for gas.
  • AtomX Rank NFTs are Non-Transferrable, they are token or soul bound to the claiming wallet.
  • AtomX Rank NFTs are eternally active, ensuring perpetual benefits within Aura+ rewards program.
  • AtomX Rank NFTs will be on the Polygon network, offering seamless and cost efficient transactions.
  • Each wallet can hold only one of each type of AtomX Rank NFT.
  • AtomX Rank NFT multipliers do not add to each other; the highest level AtomX Rank NFT in the wallet supersedes lower levels.
  • AtomX Rank NFTs having voting rights once claimed, when the Aura team releases a new voting option.