Aura Exchange

Top Tier Partners

What is a Top Tier Partner?
Aura has a whole world of rewards and utilities attched to the vast ecosystem we bring to the blockchain industry. One of the rewards is a system in the Aura discord which allows for Aura Partners to climb up or down a 5 tier category system based on engagement and parameters.
The 5 tiers within the Aura discord are as follows:
  • Legendary
  • Elite
  • Atomic
  • Ethereal
  • Quiet
These 5 categories mentioned above allow the Aura team to sort AuraPartners into categories for different utilities and rewards offered by Aura to Aura Partners.
The top 2 tiers known as 'Top Tier Partners' are Legendary and Elite Partners who have provided a high level of activity, engagement not only within the Aura discord, utilizing the networking opportunities provided but also externally sharing links for their Project collections on Aura with their communities via official links in their own discord servers, website and socials.
To reach a Legendary status projects need to adhere to a set of parameters as outlined below:
  • The partner's community's use of Aura products and services.
  • The project using Aura links on their official channels such as socials, websites etc.
  • The project promoting Aura in posts across their official socials and in voice chats such as Spaces.
  • The partner's community members promoting Aura in posts across socials and in voice chats.
  • Creation of content such as Partner x Aura art, memes etc used for and posted across socials.
  • The partner project's community are using Aura to buy/sell.
    Note to Partners:
  • Projects can move into the Legendary category in a few days by completing all of the above requirements.
  • Projects must uphold the requirements ongoing to maintain the Legendary status will be dropped accordingly. Projects that are dropped will miss out on future legendary tier benefits.