๐ŸŒŸAura Gold Standard

What is the Aura Gold Standard?

The 'Aura Gold Standard' is a level of praise we provide in the form of a Gold Checkmark to projects that excel in providing a high quality product to their community, customers, investors. Unlike other marketplaces in the industry Aura has a set of parameters or guidelines that need to be adhered to and met before a project is awarded a Gold Checkmark. The parameters must be continually adhered to in order to keep a Gold Checkmark, this is not a one off meet the requirements and keep it scenario. Projects whether they are NFT or Crypto, or a combination of both are at the heart of the current blockchain industry. It is an absolute must that those projects who are doing the right thing, have a solid business plan or structure, have a long term vision, and most of all give value to their community, deserve recognition. Recognition for achieving a gold standard is important so that project peers can see what is required to be the best of the best. This clearly defined structure allows all projects to strive for and either change or adapt to work on achieving such an esteemed status. Recognition for achieving a gold standard is important so that existing and new investors into a project understand the level they are investing into and can easily recognise a worthy project from a potential scam or rug, or a project that simply cares not for the well being of the investors. Aura does not take responsibility if a project that has received a gold checkmark then falls away with the level they are providing their community and will always aim to evaluate if a project should keep or be stripped of their gold checkmark accordingly.

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