Aura Exchange


Glossary of terms used in the Aura Docs
1. Multichain NFT Aggregator – It is a platform that allows users to easily trade NFT collections from different NFT marketplaces without having to visit those marketplaces. NFT marketplace aggregators combine inventories from multiple NFT marketplaces into one unified interface. No need to go searching across different exchanges for best deals on floor, traits, rares, 1/1s as it can be done in one place on the Aura Exchange.
2. Top Tier Partners - The top 2 tiers known as 'Top Tier Partners' are Legendary and Elite Partners.
3. Aura Gold Standard - The 'Aura Gold Standard' is a level of praise we provide in the form of a Gold Checkmark to projects that excel in providing a high quality product to their community, customers, investors.
4. PCM - A PCM is the abbreviation for a Private Customised Marketplace. Aura Exchange builds PCMs for our Aura Partners for FREE.
5. Circle of Win - Circle of Win is a business operational method that ensures all sectors of a business interact assisting the next.
6. Aura Member Rewards – Rewards are structured to benefit everyone who uses Aura Exchange and especially benefit those who choose to invest into the Aura Exchange ecosystem. Aura Member NFT holders receive the following member rewards.
7. Aura Member NFTs – members share in trading profit revenue from the Aura eschange across multiple chains.
8. Tier Breakdown – AURA Member NFT Tiers
9. $AURA - Aura Coin, $AURA, is the first Advanced Marketplace coin that adds value and utility to web3 traders, projects, and creators.
10. $AURA Allocation - Allocation is the process of giving tokens or equity to an investor, team, group, organization, or other related entity. These tokens or shares can be earned, bought, or set aside. $AURA Allocation.
11. Soft Stake - Soft staking means there are no locks on the coins or tokens you deposit, it can be in an exchange account, or a node on the blockchain network. This feature allows investors to stake and trade their coins/tokens simultaneously. Stake $AURA for Atoms.
12. Aura+ Rewards Card – FREE card through which you can earn Atoms (points)
13. Aura+ Atoms - Atoms (Points) are rewarded for engagement or calls to action in the Aura+ Rewards Program and the Drip Pro Discord bot.
14. AtomX NFTs (aka. AtomX Multipliers) – NFTS that multiply the number of Atoms ( points) you earn.
15. AtomX Ranks – Refers to which AtomX Multiplier you purchased.
16. Hub -
17. Rug Rescue – Rescuing from Rug Pull. Rug Pull – Situation when buyers send their money for NFTs and then the project disappears with the funds.
18. Project Migration – migrating NFTs to a new smart contract/new chain depending on the case.
19. Code Audits - A comprehensive code review that verifies the technical integrity and security of the token, smart contract, and NFT trading platform, which helps in mitigating potential cyber threats.
20. White Label Exchange – White label crypto exchange solutions enable the businesses to enter the cryptocurrency market. These solutions provide a foundation that combines speed, cost-efficiency, expertise, customization, security, and scalability.
21. Token Gating – A revolutionary way of regulating and limiting access to exclusive information by requiring consumers to acquire a predetermined number of tokens. The NFT token functions as an access key, which is validated by connecting the wallet to your cryptocurrency.
22. Drip - Engage to Earn #E2E is a practice which rewards people for interacting with specified products and tasks. Aura has integrated the Drip Pro Discord bot to add more layers of rewards.
23. Prizes - Aura currently offers Prizes which are Aura and top tier Aura Partner NFTs which can be won by community members, teams, founders that engage with the Drip bot in aura Discord as rewards.
24. Gas fees - A gas fee refers to the fee required to conduct transactions or execute contracts on the Ethereum network. It is compensating for the computing power used to process these interactions. Called gwei, These fees are small fractions of Ether (ETH).
25. Custom dapp – the migration service Aura offers custom dapp meaning custom Decentralized apps which use blockchain tech instead of centralized server technology. DApps typically use one or more smart contracts to operate
26. PinkSale - launchpad used for the Public Presale leading to the Public Launch of $AURA. Note: If you have not yet claimed your $AURA from the pinksale site please do so. Aura has no control over the external pinksale site and if you do not claim the tokens they could be lost to pinksale wallet.