Why become a Partner with Aura?

Aura is the only advanced marketplace in the blockchain industry.

Aura offers a unique point of difference to any project across the NFT space who wishes to become an Aura Partner by providing utilities and rewards simply for connecting and embarking on a mutually beneficial relationship.

How much is it to become an Aura Partner? FREE!

What is the process to becoming an Aura Partner? Have a call with our COO Andy

What are the benefits to becoming an Aura Partner?

  • Networking opportunities direct with over 100 other Founders and teams

  • Growth opportunities opening your project up to communities from over 100 other projects

  • Brand Awareness opportunities with the many different avenues Aura provides for this outlet

  • Recognition by industry peers for standing out as an innovative partner and reputable project

The ability to put your project infront of thousands of different people outside of your normal circle is something that is usually paid for in marketing campaigns yet at Aura we do this for you for FREE.

Join the revolution and become an Aura Partner today!

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