Aura Exchange

$AURA Integration

Aura is the world's first complete Web3 rewards ecosystem.
Integration of $AURA
Q: How do we integrate $AURA into the Aura ecosystem?
A: $AURA is designed to seamlessly align with the existing products and future developments of our ecosystem. Benefitting our community by offering a set of utilities providing benefits for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and NFT traders.
The Aura team have designed a product, $AURA, that integrates with our existing Aura Exchange and the Aura+ Rewards Program bridging a much needed link between Crypto and NFTs. Not just another exchange token, $AURA is lighting the path!
$AURA Gladiator
Utilities that matter to web3: LIVE UTILITY ON LAUNCH
  • $AURA on Aura
Use $AURA to trade NFTs on the Aura Exchange multichain NFT aggregator.
List NFTs in $AURA.
Buy NFTs with $AURA.
Make offers on NFTs with $AURA.
  • Tax Rewards
$AURA holders earn $AURA from the tax rewards system shared back to the community through both NFT trading rewards and in tax profit revenue sharing.
  • Cashback Rewards
Aura Member NFT holders rewarded in $AURA for trading NFTs on the Aura Exchange multichain NFT aggregator.
Buys earn $AURA. Sells earn $AURA. Double down if you hold $AURA and Aura Member NFTs.
  • Aura Exchange fee reducer
Hold $AURA to reduce trading fees on the Aura Exchange multichain NFT aggregator.
Tiered Rewards: Hold 1,000 $AURA to reduce the 1% transaction fee by 10% Hold 2,500 $AURA to reduce the 1% transaction fee by 25% Hold 5,000 $AURA to reduce the 1% transaction fee by 50%
  • Aura+ redeemable rewards
Use the robust and onchain Aura+ Rewards Program (similar to frequent flyer rewards) to earn Atoms. Choose to redeem your Atoms for web3 rewards such as NFTs or $AURA, or for upcoming web2 rewards.
  • Stake $AURA for Atoms
Why not double down on holding your $AURA and soft stake for Atoms, the points in Aura+ Rewards Program!
  • $AURA buybacks
We will do $AURA buybacks at strategic times pushing that $AURA into the rewards system. Buyback from a % of the 1% transaction fee charged for NFT trading on Aura Exchange.
  • Gas Fee reducer
Reduce gas fees by holding an amount of $AURA coin while trading on the upcoming Aura chain.
  • Aura chain is coming… with Aura Coin
Aura Coin is coming and so is the Aura Chain, a network designed to help push the boundaries of the blockchain in its existing format and future self, taking blockchain to global industries. From Sports to Space and everything in between, Aura is rewriting history.
Our vibrant and live Aura ecosystem allows $AURA to offer utilities catering to both cryptocurrency investors and NFT traders. With a suite of utilities like NFT trading (buy/list/offers), multipronged profit sharing, cashbacks, transaction fee reducer, gas fee reducer, tax rewards, spend rewards, Aura+ redeemables and more to come there is no other product like Aura on the market.