What are the parameters for receiving a Gold Checkmark from Aura?

Aura has a set list of parameters that are required to be met in order to receive a gold checkmark as below:

  • Must be an Aura Top Tier Partner Project approved by the designated Aura team.

  • Due diligence on project by Aura team, has no set timeframe to complete.

  • Project has working social and web links.

  • Project has active team and founder or community team if a Rug Rescue Project.

  • Project uses its Aura links on socials and website.

  • Project promotes Aura within its community to increase engagement.

  • Aura team has direct comms with project team/founder.

  • Project has live products trading or a product coming to market with data and evidence of such.

  • Project team and community is active within Aura discord.

  • Note: the Aura Gold Checkmark will not be based off trading volume or floor price as these two indicators are easily manipulated and do not show the true nature of a project.

These above parameters can be adjusted, edited, altered as deemed necessary by the Aura team.

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