Aura Exchange


Aura is the world's first complete Web3 rewards ecosystem.
The Aura Referral program has been designed to utilize the blockchain with our Aura+ Rewards Program.
Atoms are the points of the Aura+ system and can be stacked and redeemed for many web3 gifts, services and products including Aura partner NFTs, $AURA, merch, plus web2 vouchers, products and services are coming soon.
Everyone can earn $AURA! Step 1: Mint a FREE Aura+ Rewards Card NFT. Step 2: Share your referral code to others (Your minting wallet address is your referral code). Step 3: When others sign up using your referral code you earn Atoms, recorded onchain. Step 4: When people you referred earn Atoms you earn extra Atoms, recorded onchain. Step 5: Redeem Atoms for $AURA.
Yes, you can earn $AURA simply by taking part in the FREE Aura+ Rewards Program.
Your Aura+ Rewards Card NFT holds data such as amount of Atoms collected, number of referrals and more. You can view your Aura+ Rewards Card NFT in your portfolio section when connected to the Aura Exchange.
Aura Atoms