Aura Exchange

Circle of Win

What is the Circle of Win?
Circle of Win is a business operational method that ensures all sectors of a business interact assisting the next.
Relating to Aura ecosystem the Circle of Win is how we provide utilties and rewards which benefit projects, communities, artists, creators and inturn our products and services which then reward Aura Member NFT holders, $AURA token holders and everyone who takes part in the Aura+ Rewards Program.
Aura provides products, utilities and rewards to all who web3
Projects choose to become Aura Partners for FREE and receive added benefits
Aura Partners offer those benefits of utilities and rewards to their community members
Aura Partner community members use the Aura Exchange
Aura Exchange shares trading profit revenue with Aura Member NFT holders
$AURA 5% tax structure rewards $AURA holders and Aura Member NFT holders
$AURA Cashback rewards $AURA holders and Aura Member NFT holders
Aura EngageR rewards Top Tier Partners with brand awareness
Aura EngageR rewards participants with NFT Raffles and token distribution
Aura Exchange honors creator and royalty fees when NFTs are listed on Aura and sold on Aura which adds ongoing revenue streams to projects through secondary sales
Projects mint, buy, earn Aura Member NFTs and hold in team wallet adding ongoing revenue stream