Why hold Aura Member NFTs?

The Aura Member NFT has been designed to fit into the Aura ecosystem utilizing the blockchain to give back to the people of web3.

Aura Member NFTs are $1 to mint on any of the blockchains we list them on, until all 5 tiers are sold out and then they are available on secondary if people choose to list them.

Everyone can earn while they sleep by holding Aura Member NFTs sharing in trading profit revenue from all that trade on the Aura Exchange!

Aura Member NFT rewards allow the team at Aura to distribute portions of profit made from the flat rate 1% transaction fee charged when NFT trades are made on Aura Exchange.

Trading profit share is paid quarterly to wallets that hold the Aura Member NFTs.

Aura Member NFTs can be minted from the Aura Hub through official link below: https://hub.auraexchange.org/mint

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