Aura Exchange


Aura Roadmap is actually paving the way for others to follow!
Roadmap Completed:
  • Aura - the world's most complete web3 reward ecosystem is LIVE
  • LIVE Aura Exchange - Multichain NFT aggregator currently with 12 chains
  • Featured Collections banner LIVE on Aura Exchange
  • Light and Dark mode LIVE on Aura Exchange
  • Shopping Kart LIVE on Aura Exchange
  • Super simple sweep tool LIVE on Aura Exchange
  • Collection Rankings LIVE for all 12 chains aggregated on Aura Exchange
  • Over 130 Partners onboarded to Aura ecosystem
  • LIVE Aura Member NFTs - Trading Profit sharing, voting rights and more
  • Aura Member NFTs LIVE minting and secondary across 4 chains with more to come
  • 2 successful Aura Member NFT ETH chain profit share distributions already
  • LIVE Aura+ Rewards Program - Onchain E2E reward system bridging web3 and web2
  • FREE Aura+ Rewards Card NFT LIVE minting now on Polygon just pay gas in Matic
  • Aura+ Atoms LIVE for completing tasks such as daily logins to hub, listings, referrals
  • AtomX Multiplier NFTs LIVE minting now to increase Atoms earned in Aura+ Rewards Program
  • Aura Attack! Polygon NFT onchain game LIVE on Aura Hub in Featured Collection banner
  • Aura Hub user portfolio opens a new world when wallet connected
  • Fiat Onramp LIVE in Aura Hub portfolio with top up from Credit Card, Bank, ApplePay and more
  • Rev Share dashboard LIVE in Aura Hub portfolio for ETH chain
  • Revoke.Cash integrated LIVE and direct into user portfolio on Aura Hub
  • Aura+ Rewards dashboard LIVE in user portfolio showing Atoms earned and number of referrals
  • LIVE Rug Rescue Service - white glove community assist to regain control of a rugged project
  • LIVE Migration Service - white glove project migration service with custom dapp and more
  • LIVE Code Audit Service - NFT and crypto project code audits from quick to deep dive
  • LIVE Dev Services - smart contract creation, contract deployments and much more
  • Links to Aura Docs, Github, Social accounts LIVE on footer of Aura Hub
  • Aura Merch store LIVE with Aura and Aura Partner collab merch available
  • $AURA token Public Presale on PinkSale coming soon
  • $AURA Public Launch on UniSwap after PinkSale Public Presale
  • $AURA reward system activates on Public Launch
  • $AURA available for listing NFTs, buying, selling and making offers on Public Launch
  • Aura Hub V4 Update released prior to the $AURA public launch
  • Aura Exchange - Multichain NFT aggregator added 2 more chains on V4 to now total 12
  • Aura Exchange Spotlight Collection released with V4 update
  • Aura Exchange new Featured Collections layout released with V4 update
  • Aura Exchange Trending Collections with timeframes across all chains on V4 update
  • Aura Exchange Minting Collections with timeframes across all chains on V4 update
  • Aura+ Atoms potential earn notifications located throughout Aura Hub on V4 update
  • New Atoms tasks on V4 update including buying, selling, listing, sharing on socials and more
  • $AURA token Private and Public Presales completed
  • $AURA Public Launch on UniSwap completed
  • $AURA available for listing NFTs, buying, selling and making offers on Public Launch
Roadmap still to come:
  • Onboard new Marketing Lead
  • Push new marketing campaign for the entire Aura ecosystem
  • Continual onboarding of more Partners to Aura ecosystem in web3 and web2
  • Rev Share dashboard will include Polygon, BSC and Phoenix is coming
  • Aura Exchange - Multichain NFT aggregator adding more chains... stay tuned
  • Aura Member NFTs launching across more chains... stay tuned
  • Aura+ redeemables chart with front end store still to come... stay tuned
  • Integration of Aura+ rewards program with web2 companies still to come... stay tuned
  • AtomX Ranks NFTs soon claimable for those who have purchased AtomX NFTs
  • Aura Attack! integration into the Aura+ Rewards Program still to come
  • Aura IRL events incoming... stay tuned
  • Creation of Aura Chain incoming
  • Onboarding companies in web2 industry to Aura chain for data usage, storage, security, efficiency
  • Stay tuned for more as we grow, build and reshape the blockchain industry!