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$AURA Tokenomics

Aura is the world's first complete Web3 rewards ecosystem.
Name: Aura Coin Ticker: $AURA Category: Marketplace coin Max Supply: 8,000,000 $AURA CGE: max 4,800,000 $AURA (60%) (TBC) (CGE or Coin Generation Event is the circulating supply on launch) Contract Address: 0x2bff8ddbc1F13F6F976a8f4d7feE677272fB6e0e Chain: erc20 Aura Coin Imagery:
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$AURA Back
$AURA tokenomics provides an in-depth overview of our economic structure and how it aligns with our mission to push the industry forward, support our marketing and ongoing development, establish a complete dynamic profit revenue sharing model and reward the web3 community both short and long term.
We detail the token supply, tax and cashback /spend structures and liquidity lock, ensuring a high level of transparency and security within the advanced Aura ecosystem.
Our Aura Tax and Cashback / Spend Rewards are unmatched in the industry and encourages web3 to look towards the future while being rewarded now.
Our ecosystem encourages holders to actively participate in the success of the Aura Exchange by both holding and actively using your $AURA on the Aura Exchange.
$AURA Tokenomics
$Aura has a maximum supply of 8,000,000 tokens. Our limited supply ensures a high level of scarcity and drives demand within our vast and strategically created Aura ecosystem.
$AURA Tokenomics
The $AURA tokenomics design has created the world’s first ‘tax and spend’ reward system. Aura is a long term, sustainable and engaging ecosystem which benefits traders now and into the future. Through the 5/5 tax structure, and the cashback spend rewards, we allocate resources accordingly which support our investors and traders. We help facilitate our ongoing marketing and continued development efforts and costs. The innovation and continual push for profit revenue sharing otherwise known as member rewards to users within the Aura ecosystem ensures Aura remains the Gold Standard and will continue to drive the industry forward.