Aura Exchange

E2E with Aura Drip Pro

How do you earn with Aura Drip Pro?
Engage to Earn #E2E is a practice which rewards people for interacting with specified products and tasks. This is nothing new on the world however is a very useful tool in web3 to keep up motivation and ensure ongoing engagement from a project community adding a level of brand awareness.
Aura has partnered with Drip Rewards Inc and are utilising the Drip Pro bot for Aura Discord. The combination of two powerhouse products brings a level of rewards to Aura users unseen before. Adding onto the already comprehensive Aura+ Rewards programme, Drip allows Aura to rewards holders with a raft of benefits including:
$AURA soft staking for Atoms
Aura Member NFT soft staking for Atoms
Aura Partner NFT soft staking for Atoms
Quests in Aura Discord rewarded with Atoms
Aura and Partner NFT prizes, simply enter with Atoms earnt in Discord
Lootbox and Store still to come
Note: Atoms earned on Drip Pro in the Aura Discord will be manually converted to online Atoms on the Aura+ Rewards Card NFT.